Angie S.Unda

Base Camp Coding Academy Student and Volunteer Coding Instructor

Skills and Languages:

Python, Django, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Spring, C#, ASP.Net, SQL, Git, Agile | English and Spanish


Ascent Attendance Showcase
Django Web App

Team project to demonstrate mastery of Django web framework by implemening various features

  • Increased fluency in creating web applications with class-based Django
  • Collaborated with a partner to create an application to promote classroom functionality by tracking the attendance
  • Leveraged Agile techniques such as pair programming, continuous integration, and daily stand-ups
  • Used GitHub to see class progress and issues from coding superviser
  • Code sample in relevant directory:
December 2019
Dwight Shrute Farm Game
HTML/CSS and JavaScript Web Game

Independent frustrating arrow controlled game based on the hit TV Show "The Office"

December 2019
Virtual Dog Spa
C# Terminal Application

Independent project to learn the fundamentals of C# and .Net Core via translating a previous Python assignment

  • Created an application for users to make reservations at a fictional Dog Spa
  • Independently drove my acquisition of the new skills by referencing books and tutorials
  • Curated mentor support to problem solve challenges with object oriented programming
  • Was able to cascade my knowledge of Python to C#
  • Code sample in relevant directory:
January 2020
Community Volunteer Sign Up Sheet
Java Terminal Application

Independent assessment using Java to demonstrate the ability to collect and store data that previously was on paper.

  • Created an application for users to submit a volunteer form
  • Independently drove my acquisition by referencing the book "Head First Java"
  • Demonstrated problem solving with object oriented programming
  • Was able to cascade my knowledge of C# to Java
  • Code sample in relevant directory:
December 2019

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

Isaac Newton
HTML/CSS Star Wars Introduction

Translated the Star Wars introduction into HTML and CSS, and shared my experience of the language through a blog post on

December 2019

About Me

I am an aspiring Junior Software Developer, originally from Quito, Ecuador. After traveling all over the USA, I found home in Horn Lake, Mississippi. I was the ambassador for Desoto County Career Tech West and am currently responsible for an after school program where my team teaches 5th graders how to code. In my free time, I like to go to developer meet ups, cook for my loved ones, play my instruments, or even just enjoy the company of my furry and scaley pets.

Work Experience

Intern | Morgan White Group

March 2020

Manager | Davidson Elementary Coding Program

September 2019 - Present

I.T. Tech Support Specialist | Future Electronics

October 2018 - June 2019